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Three Women

Self-Love Women's Circles

What is a Women's Circle?

A women’s circle is a place where we feel safe, a place where we can laugh and cry, where we can let down our defenses and be fully who we are. A place where we can share our stories, be supported and challenged by each other, and form a micro-community.

Women’s Circle provides a safe place where each woman can begin trying her wings. In this time of heavy work and home demands, financial pressures, media blasting, and violence, women need a place just to be and become. A place where there is nothing to prove. A place where things are quieter and where there is an opportunity to listen, to oneself and others, intently.

Image by Hannah Busing

For who?

In the current state of society, where everything is so fragmented and separated, the world is split into an “us versus them” mentality and women are taught since childhood that they need to prove themselves worthy by claiming “I Can do it myself” in order to find their place in the world. This emphasis on the self over community leads to mistrusting one another and competing with each other. We are not working together as a human race, and so we continue to see war, destruction of our beautiful planet, and rampant dis-ease.


And yet through it all, people are searching for something, a spiritual center, to find meaning in their lives. People want a solution to their feelings of isolation, distrust and competition that will enable them to feel more fulfilled, happy, and on purpose, and that is what circle provides!

What do we do there?

When women circle, we learn to trust ourselves and another. We step into our sovereignty as individuals while also learning how to be part of the collective.


At their essence, women’s circles are a tool for discovering how your essence is meant to manifest in your unique life, that is, in the particular form within which you are to channel love and light into this world. Are you a teacher, a healer, a writer, a mother, an artist, a businesswoman, an activist, a civic leader? What is your contribution, your voice? The speaking, the listening, the ritual, the intimate relationships with women so alike and so different within the container of the circle combine to create an alchemical reaction that transforms and purifies, bringing you closer and closer to your true self.


When we come together as a unified sisterhood, supporting and celebrating each other, collaborating and co-creating together, we reclaim our power. This is the shift we are waiting for. This is how we will change the world. 

Every Circle is different and we should not create expectations, but rather follow the flow.


But we do have a general structure that we tend to follow at every meeting:


We ask you to allow 2 hours to yourself in the Circle, which helps the energy to circulate and be integrated in a gentle way.


  1. The meeting will start with an opening ceremony, where we will be able to ground and feel fully present in the room.

  2. We will all make agreements of confidentiality, respect, non-judgment, timing and feed-back.

  3. We will listen, discuss and share around the theme of the meeting. The theme varies from meeting to meeting, and evolves around self-love, abundance, divine feminine, wise woman, listening to our intuition, fertility, sacred womb, heart’s wisdom, healing and much, much more!  

  4. We will have a group share.

  5. Small ritual, exercise or ceremony (depending on the theme of the meeting).

  6. Closing Ceremony.

The Self-Love Women's Circle are closed for the season. 
They will resume soon.  

Please contact us  if you wish to be informed about the next meeting

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