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Out of Toxic Relationship Program

  • Have you always put everyone else’s needs above your own?


  • Have you been successful at everything else in your life….except relationships?


  • Have you felt alone, like no one understands what you have gone through?


  • Have you accepted unhealthy behaviour because you thought this time they might become a better partner?

  • Have you suffered from narcissistic abuse? 


  • Have you ever felt that your feelings and needs are not important? 

If you don’t feel like you matter, how can you value and stand up for yourself?


Are you ready to take your power back?


Women are trained from an early age to be passive taking care of everyone else but themselves. However many of us have pushed past the typical female roles and been super successful in business and life in general but not so much in relationships.

But what happens when you never learned what a healthy relationship feels and looks like? What if all that you learned from your early years is distress, anger, shame, pain and negligence? 

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 If you heard that everyone else is more important then you, and your needs don’t matter then you do not protect your energy, you, instead give until you feel drained and empty and then keep giving some more!


When all you have ever known about love is that it is uncomfortable, anxiety-causing and stressful you are taught how to love in an unhealthy way.


When your self-esteem is low, you don’t see that you deserve more and you keep choosing partners that are not the right fit, then try everything in your power to keep the relationship together, even when it will never be right!  This sets you up for a lifetime of unhealthy relationships where you might find yourself physically and mentally abused, constantly stressed, worried and never getting to experience the calmness of healthy love from a true partner.


Instead spend your life trying to control others behaviour as you feel more and more out of control, lost and alone.

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You are not to blame! But it is your job to change unhealthy patterns and take your power back so they don’t continue. 


Holding on to unhealthy relationships because you are afraid to feel like a failure actually IS the failure.  


Getting out and healing so you don’t follow the same patterns in future relationships is the only way to stop going for the “bad guy.”


When we really learn and feel the calmness of love we don’t want to go back to these anxiety-provoking patterns in relationships anymore.  We learn, by listening to our heart and body, when to walk away.

Having overcome and healed from unhealthy and codependent relationships I have found my passion to help others do the same.


It has become my purpose to bring light into other’s darkness and help them get to the other side where there are real love, inner peace and a more fulfilled life available to them.


In order to get there, we need to push through the discomfort with the right support. You need to be supported in our journey of healing.


My life is proof that you can heal from trauma, codependency, harmful unconscious programing, reactivity, anxiety, dark low self-esteem, and create the life of your dreams. 

Image by Allef Vinicius

Anxiety, self-hate, depression, loneliness, self-sabotage, a lack of self-worth or self-belief, lack of direction, anger, body issues, weight and physical symptoms and many more. All of those can be the result of the toxic relationship you have lived. But you don't have to be a victim of that anymore!


We were put here for a purpose. When all of these thoughts and feelings get in the way we are unable to fulfill it. When we are able to take our power back, increase our confidence and set healthy boundaries we are able to soar to new levels of being.  


You are a warrior and have the infinite capacity within you to change your life forever


You can overcome all these traumas and problems and start building the life of your dreams now.

All you have to do is decide!

  Together we are stronger. Together we can build a healing path to return to self-love and overcome the pain.


  Together we can go further and leave the victim role aside and learn to take charge of your life, transforming it into what you always wanted it to be.


What I propose to you is that you allow yourself to heal the parts of you that need the most love, so that you can accept them & embrace them.


  I’d love to get an opportunity to meet you & learn your story.


Let’s get together and build a path of self-acceptance & self-love and celebrate empowerment from the inside out.


Ready to invest in yourself?

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3 & 6 months Private Coaching




What is included: 


  • 1 x 90 minutes Intake session in person, Skype or Zoom Meeting. On the first session, we’re going to discuss the major challenges you are experiencing. We’re going to set goals for your coaching series ahead and begin to work on the plans and strategies that will help you achieve your goals utilizing deep clearing of subconscious beliefs & energy healing. 


  • 11 x 60 minutes sessions in person, Skype or Zoom Meeting where we will analyze your progress stretch and challenge you even more with some new actions. We're going to work again with energy healing and you will overcome fears, experience joy and new ways of thinking. (22 x 60 min on the 6 months program)


  • Unlimited email to feel safe and supported between sessions. To guide you with less fear, more actions, and more significant impact.


  • 2 to 4 Bespoke empowering guided meditation to allow the changes to settle and to keep you on a high vibration.


  • Applicable worksheets, meditation techniques with breathing techniques, books, relevant material, resources and other useful tools to support you throughout your series. We are going to work on each action you need to take, what is the next step and how to be present and focused on each step.


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