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6 Important Steps To Take When We Decide To Change Life

A large percentage of people today are or feel dissatisfied with some area of ​​their life. We often see people complain about relationships, health, finances or general well-being. But what are these people doing to modify this? What are you doing to get out of where you are and go where you want to be? Most of the time NOTHING! And that's the difference between those who consider themselves successful in every aspect of their lives and those who don't. Those who consider themselves successful have taken some simple actions that those who don't have never taken. But what are these attitudes? Let's now discover 6 steps to achieve fulfilement and success:

1- Decide That's Enough!

Making the decision that it is enough, that you want something different is very important. When we put our attention on the complaint alone we put ourselves in the place of the victims and we do not take change attitudes. But when we decide that it is enough, we set ourselves in motion for change and this movement leads us to the number 2 attitude.

2- Believe that it is possible;

Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap describes what he calls the "Upper Limit" where people don't believe everything can be all right, so they seek something that "sabotages" this state of "perfection." Unfortunately, the idea that nothing can be good all the time is embedded in the collective Unconscious of most countries, so when someone is in a moment of joy, fullness or satisfaction, he believes that something very bad can happen and destroy it. What ordinary people do is that they believe in this hypothesis and do not allow themselves to be full and whole in a moment of happiness and satisfaction. Successful people, however, live this moment intensely and believe that it can and should remain so and know that what the state of happiness and satisfaction is from within and not solely dependent on external factors. They accept that everything can be fine all the time and work at it with detachment and serenity.

3- Learn to know yourself and detect the internal blocks:

Self-knowledge is paramount for anyone who wants to be successful, knowing their strengths and weaknesses is essential for change and growth. Going deep within yourself, welcoming what needs to be changed, and feeling happy with the steps already taken is an important part of the process. As St. Augustine would say: "Know yourself, accept yourself, overcome yourself;"

4- Seeking help from those who are one step ahead:

Another essential step in this quest for success is knowing when to seek help. The most effective way to get somewhere is to go accompanied. But accompanied does not simply mean someone who is on par with you. No, successful people seek help from those who are already a step or two ahead of where they want to go, ie someone who has passed that step and who is able to help you get through it faster and easy. This help can come from a therapist, a life-coach, a professional in the area where you want to improve, or even a more experienced friend. The key is knowing how to ask and be ready to receive this help, without fear of looking vulnerable or weak, because in fact vulnerability is what makes us human and also stronger.

5- Feel and integrate changes fully:

When change occurs and growth begins to show its signs, it is important to take a moment to feel it deeply and integrate it deeper and deeper within us, so we strengthen positive change and prevent old patterns that did not serve us from coming back in our life.

6 - Continue to feed the growth process by repeating each step as many times as necessary:

Once the path taken in one area, it is good to repeat and refine in other areas of your life and repeat the process whenever a new stage of challenge presents itself, after all, life comes in cycles, but it is also a growing spiral and the knowledge of an earlier stage are always important and essential to the upcoming stage.

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