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To who are you giving your superpowers?

Today my 6-year-old boy was fighting with his brother once again, at this age it's quite normal and happens all the time. But this time I decided to explain to him that by letting to be bothered and irritated by his big brother he was giving him his power. I used the superhero metaphor and tried to make him understand that when we let a situation or a person take us out of our peace, tranquility or joy we are given then our superpowers. What are those powers? The power to choose to not be affected, the power to look at the situation and act for ourselves instead of only reacting, the power of surrender and let go what we can not change. I know that sometimes its hard and that we are caught by surprise, so when this happens, take your time to breath, observe your reactions your thoughts and feelings, learn with them, allow them to come and then let it go.

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