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"Elevate your energy, embrace your essence:

 Holistic Therapy for Wellness, Emotional Resilience, and Transformative Change"

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Are you struggling with stress and finding it hard to relax? 

Do you feel drained of energy, lacking motivation, or even experiencing feelings of depression? 

Are you highly sensitive and empathetic, often feeling overwhelmed by the world around you? 

Perhaps you're feeling stuck, unhappy, or disconnected from your true self, yearning for more purpose and direction in life. 

If any of these resonate with you, I'm here to help.

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Drawing from more than 15 years of devoted study and 6 years of hands-on practice as a holistic therapist and energy healer, I provide tailored solutions designed to lead you toward a life of greater balance and fulfilment. Through the integration of diverse techniques and modalities, my expertise lies in guiding you through healing toxic emotions and patterns, fostering a reconnection with your inner self, and revitalizing your physical and energetic well-being.


Whether you prefer online sessions or in-person consultations at my North London office, my holistic approach addresses all aspects of your well-being, integrating body, spirit, and emotions to help you achieve optimal mental and physical health

 But what exactly are Holistic and Energy Therapies? 

Holistic Therapy encompasses a comprehensive approach to well-being, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. The primary aim is to restore balance and harmony in all aspects of life.


Energy Therapies are rooted in the understanding that we are more than just physical beings; we are beings of energy. Drawing from ancient traditions and modern quantum physics, these therapies target disturbances and blockages in the human energy field, addressing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges at their root.

By addressing these deeper layers of existence, holistic and energy therapies offer a wide range of benefits, including:

Isabel Mendes Holistic Therapist


I'm Isabel Mendes, your dedicated Holistic Therapist, Self-Love Coach, and Energy Healer with years of expertise practising different modalities and treatments like Reiki, Deep Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Access Bars, Body Analysis, Chakra of Time, Thetahealing and others. I'm committed to guiding you on your journey to inner peace, empowerment, emotional health and self-love.

If you're ready to overcome challenges and live a life filled with purpose, love, and connection, I invite you to take the first step towards transformation. Together, we'll design a bespoke healing program tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to reclaim your inner power and live your best life.


Holistic Therapy and Energy Healing complement conventional medicine, offering holistic support for your overall well-being. Reach out today to begin your journey towards a healthier, happier you.


Work with me

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Chakra of Time*

A personal Time Map

Discover how earthly energy circulates in your life and influences your life path, your way of being and your behaviors.

Isabel Mendes chakra care

Deep care of your chakras through precise body touches to release stagnant energies and other blokages.

- In person only-

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All of You 

Bespoke program

Tailored 3 & 6 months healing program to realign your personal energy and learn to know and love yourself better.

Reiki Treatment



Relieve stagnant energy & tensions. Bring vitality to aid the healing process mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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* Exclusive techniques created by the Brazilian medium, therapist and writer, Halu Gamashi, founder of IMA - Instituto dos Mistérios Ascensionais.

All rights reserved. Learn more about Halu Gamashi: 


"Last month I had a couple of what were the beginning of life changing sessions with Isabel. I am now in greater peace with myself and others, which had given me the energy and excitement to explore new things. Thank you Isabel for enabling this."

Mia Hasenson-Gross

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